Why most people never reach their goals in life

Harderwijk, October 6th, 2017. Today I saw a webinar from John Assaraf and in it he explained why most people never reach their goals. John Assaraf was one of the people that were interviewed for the world famous movie The Secret.

  1. To begin with only 1% of the people that have goals write them down.
  2. The second thing is, that most people are interested in reaching their goals but not committed.

Wat is the difference?

When you’re interested you always come up with excuses in case you don’t manage to reach your goals.

When you’re committed, you do whatever it takes to reach your goals.

Think about it and take action!

Want to see the video? Go to the link below and use left mouse click and copy the complete link, so the link is blue and after use the second option: visit the website of neurogym by clicking that link.


Leadership principles on the mountain and in life.

Harderwijk, October 4th, 2017. Yesterday I was in a conference call with Blair Singer and approximately 20 other people. The topic was the Mountain Leadership Experience. This is an annually recurring event, organized by Blair Singer and Kevin Cherilla. They climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with a group of  about 80 people, of which 20 are climbers and 60 are carriers. The carriers take care of all your stuff, so you can concentrate on climbing. Blair said, whether you’ll make it or not, the journey has begun. It is all about awareness, to help you find your bigger self. The event will take place in july 2018. The success ratio of this group compared to others that climb Mount Kili is 95% versus 42% for the other groups. Why is that? It is all about creating context and Blair Singer is a master in creating context.

Here are some leadership principles that he taught us.

  1. You have to be the real deal.
    It is about your vision, you purpose and your why.
  2. What are your core values?
    For Kevin who has summited Mount Everest several times and climbed all over the world it is safety.
  3. You have to be a tiredless and avid student of your own trade.
  4. You have to be incredible gracious on the mountain, because the survival of your team is depending on it. You are one big “family”, including the those 60 people that carry your stuff.
  5. There are two parts and they are equally important. There is the preparation and the summiting. You should love them both!
  6. Narrow time boundaries. Be present and on time.
  7. Eliminate all uncentainties. Speak regularly with your team to see to it that we all are on track.

If you want to know more, go to www.mountainleadershipexperience.com and register and have fun!


Kickstart jouw dag, interview met Tineke Hakvoort op de Millionaire Mind Intensive in Hilversum op 25 juni 2017

'Kickstart'-inspiratie met Robert Oosthout

Geplaatst door Kickstart & Leverage op zondag 2 juli 2017


De drie M’s in de marketing.

Harderwijk, 9 juli 2016. Waarom gaat 95% van de bedrijven, die we met elkaar starten uiteindelijk weer teniet? De belangrijkste zaken in een bedrijf zijn marketing en sales. Want van wie krijgen wij ons geld? Ja, inderdaad van onze klanten, dus van anderen.

Een van mijn mentoren op het gebied van marketing, Alex Mandossian spreekt over de drie M’s in de marketing. Market, media en message, of wel markt, het middel, of medium waarmee, of waardoor de boodschap wordt verspreid en de boodschap zelf.

De meeste mensen beginnen met te vertellen waar ze goed in zijn, de boodschap. Ze staan op zenden. Maar hoe kun je nu je klanten bereiken  als je niet naar ze luistert en je niet hebt verdiept in wat zij nodig hebben, of willen?

Het begint dus met de markt. Bepaal wat je markt is en het liefste zo specifiek mogelijk.Hoe doe je dat? Daarover de volgende keer meer.