Start negociating and creating peace.

Dear mr. President, dear mr. Poetin, dear mr. Stoltenberg, These days we see and hear a lot of powerplay between on the one hand the US and NATO and on the other hand Russia. First I would like to point out that we all are inhabitants of Spaceship Earth. Human beings so to speak. At the same time we are Europeans and Americans. We are totally interdependent. So stop to act as if we are separated from each other. We are one! Every act of violence including war is ultimately an act of violence against oneself, although we do not perceive it as such. And that is where the misconception starts. So my plea is for negotiations instead of war. How I perceive the fear of Russia is, they seem tot be afraid to be surrounded by others, that they perceive as possible enemies. At the same time NATO and the Western countries are operating in the same paradigm of two conflicting and separated parties. May I remind you that we all are first and foremost human beings and together we have only one world to live in. So we are all accountable to preserve this world for us and future generations. I would like to enroll you into the possibility of working together with the interest of all parties concerned in mind instead of pointing at the other as the enemy. Mr. Robert Oosthout, LL.M., Dutch Attorney at law and member of the The Hague Bar. #negociate, #peace


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